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International transport of goods The auto park is formed for the moment from 37 trucks, (Volvo, Daf and Scania), Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5, with a loading capacity od 24 tons, and 4 smaller trucks (Daf and Mercedes) with a loading capacity of 3.5 tons. We transport several goods but also dangerous ones (polishes, paints and solvents), general goods on pallets, frozen goods (at temperatures between -20, +20 Celsius degrees), and also goods non-palletized. In order to respect the transport orders, the commnunication with the drivers is a permanent one, the computerized system meaning flexibility and customer information. For the last years, WEST EUROTRANSPORT, was present, without exception on the podium made by hte Chamber of Commerce of Arad County, a top that names the best companies according to their profit, figures and investments.